Chefood Digimon Journey corndog hit the cabinets Monday

Lotte Confectionery launched Chefood Digimon Adventure milk corndog on Monday. [LOTTE CONFECTIONERY]

Lotte Confectionery introduced a Chefood Digimon Adventure milk corndog on Monday following the success of other character-themed products.
Chefood, a brand under Lotte Confectionary, produces a variety of quick-and-easy products that can be conveniently cooked.
Each packet contains five corndogs and  five out of 182 Digimon character stickers from the original Digimon animated series, which aired domestically over a decade ago. 
The price per packet is 8,980 won ($7.31).  
Digimon, short for Digital Monsters, is the name of a Japanese cartoon franchise that was popular in the 2000s among kindergartners and elementary school students. It rivaled the Pokemon series in its popularity. Similar to the Pokemon series, Digimon also spun off numerous merchandise items and games that were popular with young fans.
Lotte Confectionery first introduced Digimon bread last August for the first time when some Digimon maniacs asked food companies to release themed products after the popularity of Pokemon-themed products and stickers resurged last year.
A milk corndog is a 90-percent-pork sausage wrapped in sweetish milk bread all on a stick.  
“The product is a snack that can be eaten at convenience by heating in microwave,” said a spokesperson for the Lotte Confectionery. “We are planning to launch a variety of promotions through our online sales to celebrate our latest release.” 


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