Darkish and Darker’s Rat Rock thriller factors to a brand new boss and doable solo queue

The Dark and Darker playtest is coming in just over a week, when players will be able to take on their favorite RPG classes and head into the dungeon. Many players are hyped about the new playtest, and developer IRONMACE decided to capitalize on that with a community event. However, many were confused when the developer’s Twitter posted an update with a riddle, asking fans to send the answer to a specific account.

It took the community around an hour and 45 minutes before they were able to solve the puzzle. After “the portal has been opened,” players learned that a new monster had been released. There will be a new Cave Troll coming to the game soon, but that might not be all that was revealed.

Part of the riddle reads “the entrance doesn’t appear to be big enough for a party,” which has led some to believe that the game will now feature a solo queue. This hasn’t been confirmed, but the riddle could be hinting that the game will now offer an option for players who are unable to find a group.

In the last playtest, it wasn’t easy to take on a group when you were by yourself, so this could potentially be IRONMACE’s attempt at making the experience better for solo players. On the other hand, it could just be that we’re reading too much into the riddle instead of focusing on the real announcement.

The Cave Troll is definitely coming, although it’s unclear whether it will be a regular spawning enemy or a boss meant to be sought out. It could potentially spawn in a lower level of the dungeon or have its own room, and players are extremely eager to face off against it for the first time.

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