After FIJ’s Story, Ethiopian Airways Delivers Journalist’s Lacking Field

Ethiopian Airlines has delivered to Timothy Ogunade, a Nigerian broadcast journalist, his missing 23kg box lost on a flight from Lagos to London.

Ogunade confirmed the delivery of his green box to FIJ on Friday evening.

“FIJ, my luggage came in this evening with nothing missing at all,” he said.

“I returned home to find it at my doorstep. Thank you for your help.”

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On Thursday, FIJ reported how Ogunade’s box containing personal effects and gifts from his last workplace went missing after his January 17 flight.

He told FIJ he had traveled with Ethiopian Airlines on January 17 to Addis Ababa for a trip that ended in the United Kingdom.

“I boarded their aircraft from Lagos to Heathrow, London, on January 17 and landed the next day,” he said.

“At the point of picking our luggage, I discovered that my 23kg green box was missing. I found other boxes but this particular one was nowhere in sight.”

The broadcast journalist stated that when he complained, an airport official took his details with the promise that his bag would be delivered the following day, but this did not happen.

“Obviously, nothing from them yet,” he told FIJ. “I am practically left alone.”

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When FIJ reached out to Ethiopian Airlines, a representative said she could not ascertain the status of one of the bag. The agent also asked the passenger to contact its agents in the UK.

Ogunade’s luggage was delivered about 48 hours after the publication.

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