Life Changing

Daniel Jones has contact lens knocked out throughout playoff sport

Daniel Jones might want to add some LASIK eye surgery to his list of offseason activities.

Jones briefly exited his New York Giants’ NFC Divisional Round playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night due to an issue with his vision.

Jones’ Giants had the ball 20 seconds into the second quarter at their 9-yard line. Jones rushed for a yard on first down, but he had to exit the game. The Giants quarterback had lost the contact lens from his right eye.

The Giants called a timeout to allow a chance for Jones to put his contact lens back in. He came back in for the next play, which was a short pass. The Giants ended up punting on the possession after failing to gain a first down.

Speaking from experience, LASIK eye surgery is life-changing. What are you waiting for, Danny Dimes?

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