‘Terrifier’ Star Catherine Corcoran Shares Her Favourite Horror Movies

Horror is one of the cinema’s most beloved genres, no matter what the Academy Awards may think. Being scared witless holds a special space in our hearts and many of us will have our own personal favorites that left us clutching the popcorn a little too tightly. One of horror’s rising stars, Catherine Corcoran, recently spoke to us about her own love of the genre as well as some of her standouts.

The actress sat down with us (over zoom as is the way these days) to talk all things horror, and she is well-versed in the genre having starred in the Return to Nuke ‘Em High franchise, Terrifier, and mystery-thriller Long Lost. The actress didn’t necessarily set out to be a horror actress but after being offered a role in Return to Nuke ‘Em High aged just 19, she took it on keen to be in a feature film. Explaining her reason for continuing to work in the genre she said,

“When Nuke ‘Em High premiered at Cannes, after that, I started getting more involved in the community and I started getting more genre offers. And it was so cool to be able to work with people who not only knew what you had done in the past but wanted to see you succeed in the future.”

It isn’t just acting in horror films that Corcoran cares about, she also loves to watch them herself, telling us,

“I’m definitely a horror fan! I tend to lead more toward psychological thrillers than slashers. One of my favorite horror films of all time is The Lost Boys. I just love vampires. The Craft is a big one for me. I really like the Friday the 13th Franchise. More recently, I loved The Witch. I loved The Babadook a few years ago, I thought that was a great film. I have quite a few, I could go on and on.”

Horror isn’t the only genre she loves though, telling us she would love to be in a fantasy series or film one day,

“I am a huge fantasy nerd. I love Lord of the Rings, I’m such a loser. If someone was like, “Would you do the House of the Dragon spinoff?” I would be like, “Yes!””

Mind you, not many actors would turn down the chance to be cast as a character in the Game of Thrones universe. You can check out Corcoran in Terrifier now on Screambox, Tubi, and Vudu.

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