New Uneven Multiplayer Horror Recreation Carnival Hunt Revealed With Creepy Trailer

Beer Night Studios shares a new cinematic trailer for its asymmetric horror game Carnival Hunt ahead of the launch of a Kickstarter.

A new cinematic trailer for the haunting asymmetric multiplayer horror game Carnival Hunt has dropped, confirming plans for the launch of a Kickstarter campaign. The success of Dead by Daylight has led to a wave of indie asymmetric multiplayer horror games. Carnival Hunt is the latest example, but it appears the game needs a bit of extra help to make it to the finish line.

Beer Night Studios is a young studio, formed in 2019, and Carnival Hunt is just its second project. Its first release was the horror-puzzle game Fragile, which struggled to find an audience. The studio thinks it has something special in Carnival Hunt, though. Carnival Hunt was first revealed one year ago with a tentative plan to launch the game in 2023. A Kickstarter for the project was planned even then, though Beer Night Studios held back on launching it until it was better prepared.


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The cinematic trailer for Carnival Hunt covers the basics players would expect from an isometric multiplayer horror game. It introduces the protagonists, which are clockwork rabbits, as well as the antagonists, which appear to be a clockwork ringmaster and a corrupted bunny. While the trailer introduced the basic concept of Carnival Hunt, the highlight of the trailer was its dark and foreboding atmosphere. The clicking of the clockwork, the dilapidated circus, and the malevolent design of the maps and creatures made clear how wrong things are in Carnival Hunt.

As for Carnival Hunt‘s Kickstarter, there are unfortunately no specific updates to share. The new cinematic trailer does say that the Kickstarter campaign is “coming soon” but no dates have been shared. Interested horror fans can still sign up through Kickstarter to be informed regarding the campaign’s launch, but it may be some time yet.

While the status of Beer Night Studios’ Kickstarter plans is unclear, the studio has moved forward and partnered with indie game publisher Crytivo. In fact, the cinematic trailer’s release coincided with the announcement of the Crytivo publishing agreement. While Crytivo may be helping get Carnival Hunt out the door, Beer Night Studios’ Kickstarter appears to be going forward regardless.

For the time being, those interested in trying out Carnival Hunt can sign up via the game’s official website for more information and the game’s planned closet testing. The Kickstarter page is live, as well, where interested players can sign up to receive notification for when the campaign officially launches. Carnival Hunt is certainly a game to watch for multiplayer horror game fans. It’s just a matter of time before more information is shared.

Carnival Hunt releases in 2023 on PC.

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