Disney Dreamlight Valley: Crystal Thriller Quest Information

Crystal Mystery is one of Merlin’s many Friendship Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Completing characters’ Friendship Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a crucial process that will build players’ friendships as well as facilitate some aspects of their journey. The Great Wizard Merlin for example will do some experiments based on the items found in the village by Dreamers to create a potion that hopefully removes the Night Thorns.

The Crystal Mystery is Merlin’s eighth Friendship Quest that’s all about experimenting in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Great Wizard will teach players about Night Shards and how to purify them. It’s not necessarily a long Quest, but it will act as a base for the next one, which is The Dark Experiment in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The latter will upgrade players’ Watering Can, making it possible to remove giant Mushroom Clusters.


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Crystal Mystery Quest Guide In Disney Dreamlight Valley

how to trigger crystal mystery quest in disney dreamlight valley

Upon rescuing Donald Duck from the mysterious part of the Forest of Valor, talk to Merlin to trigger the Crystal Mystery Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He will thank players for saving yet another character and then proceed to ask for their help. He reveals that after fixing the Pillar in the Forest of Valor, he found a big crystal that’s imbued with dark magic, almost similar to the Night Thorns’ magic.

mysterious shard location in disney dreamlight valley

Therefore, the first task would be to locate said black crystal, so the Great Wizard can study it. To find it, search beneath the trees on the right side of the Pillar in the Forest of Valor. Once found, give the Mysterious Shard to Merlin, who then makes another request. Search all available Biomes in the village and locate five more Night Shards to research them.

merlin explains how to purify shards in disney dreamlight valley

After collecting five Night Shards, head to Merlin and give them to him. The Great Wizard will say that while players were searching, he studied the Mysterious Shard and found that the crystal holds magic similar to the Night Thorns, as he predicted. As a result, Merlin asks players to try and create a purified shard using both Night and Dream Shards.

purified night shard recipe in disney dreamlight valley

Under the Potion and Enhancement tab at the Crafting Station, it’s possible to create a Purified Night Shard by using the following materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Night Shards x5
  • Dream Shard x1

Finally, speak with Merlin one last time who agrees that the purified item can be given as a gift. Give it to a random character in Disney Dreamlight Valley to complete the Crystal Mystery Quest.

Dream Shards can sometimes be rewarded upon clearing a Night Thorn or feeding Critters their favorite food.

Where To Find Night Shards

night shards location in disney dreamlight valley

Night Shards can be found in sparkling holes across the Biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Sadly, there is no set place for the holes to appear, and the map doesn’t show their location. To extract the Night Shard, use the Shovel directly in the hole to dig it out.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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