Damar Hamlin – Horror audio reveals NFL medical crew’s rush to save lots of Buffalo Payments star as they warn ‘we want everyone’

AN NFL medical team desperately rushed to save Damar Hamlin as they warned “we need everybody”, horror audio reveals.

The Buffalo Bills star collapsed early during Monday’s clash with Cincinnati Bengals.


Damar Hamlin collapsed on MondayCredit: Getty
The NFL star suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday and has been in ICU


The NFL star suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday and has been in ICUCredit: Getty Images – Getty

A huge team dashed to the 24-year-old’s side.

Radio traffic audio reveals every medic at the stadium was called to help.

One man said on the channel: “I don’t like how he went down.”

Moments later, another man declared: “We’re going to need everybody. All-call, all-call,” reports The New York Times.

Higgins reveals moment he knew something was 'seriously wrong' after Hamlin hit
Hero Bills trainer Denny Kellington hailed after saving Damar Hamlin's life

The first person on the recording then added: “Call, bring everybody. We need an airway doctor, everybody. Bring the cot with the medics.”

Hamlin fell to the ground after he took a hit to the chest while tackling a Cincinnati Bengals receiver.

A large team of medics rallied around him as horrified spectators and his shocked teammates watched on before he was rushed to hospital.

As he woke up after suffering cardiac arrest, Hamlin asked doctors who had won the game.

Doctors on Thursday said he is communicating via writing on a notepad as he had a breathing tube still in.

Teammate Kaiir Elam announced on Twitter on Thursday morning that: “Our boy is doing better, awake and showing more signs of improvement.”

Hamlin’s uncle told CNN the sports star was sedated on Tuesday “to give a better chance for him to just continue to heal better”.

He said: “I’m not a crier, but I’ve never cried so hard in my life. Just to know, like, my nephew basically died on the field and they brought him back to life.”

It has not been confirmed what caused Hamlin’s heart attack.

Dr Allen Sills, the league’s chief medical officer, has said it “certainly is possible” it was because of the blow to the chest. 

Cincinnati Bengals’ Tee Higgins has revealed the moment that he knew something was “seriously wrong.”

Higgins, 23, caught a pass near the 50-yard line and ran downfield when his right shoulder collided against Hamlin’s chest.

Hamlin, 24, stoop up after the play before he collapsed backward onto the ground.

When Hamlin fell, Higgins initially thought he “just flopped” or that one of his teammates bumped into him.

He said: “I just seen the fall. I looked again, and I seen what happened, and I just turned my head and trying not to think about it.

“So I knew it was something crazy and something tragic.”

The game was postponed after 10pm, about an hour after Hamlin collapsed. 

On Thursday, the league announced that the game would be canceled entirely.

Higgins said that what happened with Hamlin was hard to see and that he “wasn’t in a good place to play the rest of that game, so I’m kind of glad that we chose not to play.”

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