Horror Video games That Want Co-Op

Some people prefer their horror games to be as spooky as possible, something that usually means the experience needs to be an intimate solo one. Sometimes, a single-player horror game could have entirely new layers of depth added to the gameplay with the simple addition of an additional player.

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In most cases, some horror will have to be sacrificed since you’ll have another player to rely on, but there are a few key games in which that might not be a problem. Not every horror experience would become a trivial experience with some help; in fact, some experiences would probably be even more difficult with another player there to give away your hiding spot.


10/10 Resident Evil 4

It’s probably fair to say that a lot of Resident Evil 4 would need to be reworked, but an optional co-op mode could have added a lot to the experience. Adding a bit more depth to Ashley in terms of gameplay could have provided unique puzzles across the game’s many chapters.

Ashley’s gameplay could have been much more puzzle-oriented, while Leon’s already somewhat ridiculous action-based gameplay could have been dialed up to eleven. With constant overwhelming odds, the player controlling Ashley could need to solve puzzles quickly to save Leon, making both characters feel integral to the actual gameplay.

9/10 Alien: Isolation

A Xenomorph in Alien Isolation stalking the ship.

Few things would need to be changed about Alien: Isolation if a co-op mode was added (maybe the name would need a tweak). Simply expanding the various maps you must creep your way through and creating multiple points of interest for puzzles between both players would make for incredible gameplay.

Considering the Xenomorph can seemingly appear out of nowhere, even if the players were separated, neither would ever truly be safe, as too loud of a noise in one section could bring the creature right to them. There is so much that could be done with a concept like that.

8/10 Silent Hill 2

James walking in Silent Hill 2

It is fair to say that adding another player would completely change the dynamic of the game and the direction of the story, but a creative mind could make it work. In a game series filled with tough puzzles, adding a co-op element in a remake could make the entire experience feel brand new.

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Maybe the second player is a visage of Silent Hill, created in James’ mind, something that could easily explain the change. Arguably, something like that wouldn’t even make the game scarier, considering the atmosphere and sound design are often cited as the scariest things about the Silent Hill series.

7/10 Resident Evil 7

Ethan being attacked by Jack in Resident Evil 7

A lot can be done with the surprising smash hit that was Resident Evil 7. The change to a first-person perspective was a risk that paid off, and it could have even worked if the game took on more of a co-op style. Letting players work together as Ethan and Mia to cure Mia and escape the Baker compound.

Restricting what weapons each player could use and separating the two players often would keep things tense, even with what cooperation would be possible. Two inventories would mean more available heals, but a change like Mia having a smaller inventory but more speed could have made for some fascinating gameplay choices.

6/10 Outlast

Outlast cover art with image of monster

Considering Outlast is already one of the most horrific games anyone can experience, whether alone or with a group of people, it only makes sense that adding a co-op mode wouldn’t take away from the scares.

There would need to be some level of reworking to the overall game, but having two people helplessly stumbling around in the dark sounds like a horrific joy. The idea is so solid that the team behind Outlast actually seems to be working on this very thing right now.

5/10 Alan Wake

Alan Wake with a pistol and flashlight

Adding a co-op aspect to Alan Wake might take the already action-based horror experience and push it a lot more heavily into the action-game territory. However, it would still be a welcome addition to the title. Exploring the unique world with another player by your side sounds like a blast.

Once again, not much would need to be changed aside from expanding environments. Making more chaotic encounters would be a great way to keep things balanced while the two players have to share a single flashlight.

4/10 Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins and Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Ethan Thomas split image.

A fan-favorite horror game series that many have been clamoring for some kind of modern update on, Condemned: Criminal Origins could work fantastically as a co-op game. Setting two partners in a horrific situation with no real escape is never a bad idea.

The new situation might make the overall story a bit harder to believe, but the Silence Of The Lambs influence that oozes from the title would be a hit amongst those who prefer playing through co-op campaigns. Making combat even more difficult would add a new layer of gameplay that forces both players to fight for their lives.

3/10 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia Vs SOMA - Gatherer Sprinting Towards Daniel

Considering Amnesia has such a simple set-up compared to other games, it only makes sense that it could be morphed into a co-op experience. Exploring a spooky castle is an easy way to create an environment big enough for co-op, and consistently separating the players would keep everything tense.

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Separating them via different levels or through collapsed walls would mean that players have to survive on their own while also solving individual aspects of puzzles, all while struggling with the dark, the things that go bump in that very dark, and their own madness. The only question would be whether or not your co-op partner is real or just more madness.

2/10 Resident Evil 2

Leon fighting off a zombie with a dagger in Resident Evil 2 Remake

It would take away some of Resident Evil 2’s infinite replayability, but merging Leon and Claire’s scenarios into one co-op experience is probably something that a lot of people would love. If designed expertly, players could be forced into different areas at specific times, while also coming together often for puzzles and the trading of items.

Running from Mr. X would be a lot scarier if he had two people to choose from, and he chose to chase you. A change like this would shift the entire dynamic of the game, making for a fresh experience without a lot of change to the overall level design and atmosphere.

1/10 Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddys

Take your pick of which Five Nights At Freddy’s game could use co-op, because it could work in all of them. Help Wanted would be an excellent choice because it could combine the classic gameplay of the series with a bit of a twist, all in splendid VR.

Having one player in charge of the control room while another is stuck amongst the animatronics with a unique objective to accomplish could be incredible. Working together while surviving twisted animatronics independently would be a must, and neither player would ever truly be safe.

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