Finest Horror Motion pictures Coming to Shudder in January 2023

From Near Dark to Lake Mungo, Shudder rings in the new year with vampire and ghost stories in January 2023 to the delight of horror fans.

Shudder starts a new year with new scares. Vampires and ghost stories take the place of Shudder’s December holiday offerings. While this month might feel a little lacking compared to previous ones, January 2023 promises quality over quantity with beloved films like Possession and Near Dark. As Shudder prepares to kick off the new year, here are CBR’s recommendations for the best movies streaming in January 2023.

Lake Mungo Delivers a Dark Ghost Story With a Mockumentary Twist

Right off the bat, 2008’s Lake Mungo offers something pretty unique in the genre with a mockumentary style meant to imitate true crime documentaries. However, the story beneath the cinematography is profoundly sad. Lake Mungo follows a family grappling with the drowning of their daughter and the apparently supernatural events that follow. It’s a compelling and smart ghost story that truly deserves more attention.

Stream Lake Mungo on Shudder now.

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Near Dark Is Kathryn Bigelow’s Vampire Western

Vampires and Westerns aren’t two genres that audiences normally associate together; however, Katherine Bigelow does just that in 1987’s Near Dark. The movie sees Caleb (Adrian Pasdar) become entangled with a dangerous family of nomadic vampires after falling for Mae (Jenny Wright). What the stellar performances don’t carry, the dark and gritty visuals more than makeup for. As the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director for The Hurt Locker, Near Dark is an early entry in Bigelow’s filmography that foreshadows her directorial success.

Near Dark is streaming on Shudder now.

Possession Is a Breakup Movie Like No Other

Directed by Andrzej Żuławski, 1981’s Possession rightly earned its cult status. Jurassic Park‘s Sam Neill plays Mark, an international spy that notices strange behavior in his wife (Isabelle Adjani) after she asks for a divorce. Despite releasing to middling reviews, Possession has gone on to garner a new appreciation for its cinematography, performances and societal commentary. While it’s essentially a breakup movie in its simplest form, Possession is still both disturbing and thrilling.

Possession arrives on Shudder Jan. 5.

Road Games Is a Solid Jamie Lee Curtis Thriller

Road Games is arguably more thriller than horror movie; however, the 1981 film does involve a serial killer. A trucker (Stacy Keach) and hitchhiker (Jamie Lee Curtis) track down a mysterious killer responsible for dismembering and dumping the bodies of women along desolate highways. Road Games might be a B-movie, but it should not be overlooked, as it offers fun performances and plenty of suspense.

Road Games drives into Shudder’s library on Jan. 16.

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Let the Wrong One In Is Shaun of the Dead for Vampires

For fans of horror comedies, Let the Wrong One In is not to be missed. Yes, the title stems from the acclaimed film/novel Let the Right One In; however, don’t let that fool you. Let the Wrong One In‘s story is entirely unique as it follows a supermarket worker Matt (Karl Rice), grappling with the discovery that his estranged brother has turned into a vampire. Like a lot of horror comedies, Let the Wrong One In doesn’t skimp on the gore, but its most endearing feature is its hilarious winks and nods to the genre.

Let the Wrong One In sinks its fangs into Shudder on Jan. 23.

In Search of Darkness: Part III Is a Must-Watch for ’80s Horror Fans

From Horror Noire to Queer for Fear, Shudder’s documentaries are a step above the rest — and In Search of Darkness is no exception. For many, ’80s horror is considered a highlight in the genre’s history with some of the most iconic films and slashers making their debuts, which is exactly what this documentary explores. Along with clips, the series includes commentary from genre icons and experts like Robert Englund, John Carpenter, Job Bob Briggs, Barbara Crampton and more. In Search of Darkness: Part III marks the final installment in the series.

In Search of Darkness: Part III hits Shudder on Jan. 30.

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