The Puzzle Journey Hits All of the Proper Nostalgic Notes

The classic puzzle game Lemmings has been reworked with some modern-day upgrades, making it a great choice for a mobile game, ’90s kid or not.

Gamers craving some ’90s nostalgia will be excited to know that Lemmings, the strategy puzzle game, is back in a format that’s fitting for the 21st Century. First launched in late 2018, Lemmings was re-imagined for an on-the-go experience by Sad Puppy Limited, which brought the game to a mobile format with free apps for Android and iPhone operating systems. Since then, it’s proven to be a great indie title for nostalgic ’90s kids as well as newcomers who have never heard of this iconic game.

Lemmings is a game where the player guides small anthropomorphized rodents through various obstacles to find a designated exit in each level. This requires a fair deal of strategy as the player must decide how to delegate eight different skills to specific lemmings so that they can change the environment, clear obstacles, or alter the behavior of other lemmings. The original game was often complimented for balancing strategy, puzzle, and action and being extremely addicting while having a simple concept. Apart from Tetris, it is sometimes called the best puzzle game ever created, though it hasn’t achieved the same notoriety that Tetris has.

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Lemmings Perfectly Balances Old and New Fans

Lemmings gameplay

While ’90s kids might have fond memories of spending hours trapped in the addictive gameplay cycles of Lemmings, the modernized format of the game adapts perfectly to changes in gaming. Of course, there are still puzzle games that players dedicate hours to, but with how gaming technology has evolved, a game like Lemmings only on consoles or PC probably wouldn’t last long in this day and age. However, by switching to a mobile format, the game experience changes as players play Lemmings throughout their day. While some players might lament the paid content that lets them play for longer stretches at a time, the game has an energy system designed to give players a good break. In this way, not only does this allow the player to not get bored or burnt out while playing, but Lemmings also becomes a part of their day that they’ll keep coming back to.

Other modern-day upgrades to the game include an experience points system, the addition of thousands of levels, seasonal updates, and more. All of these changes modernize the game while still allowing it to stay true to its roots. In this way, the game appeals to longtime fans looking for a similar experience as the one they had 20 years ago while still being accessible to people who have never before heard of the game.

While many revamped retro games do a lot to get old fans back into their games, they don’t make them interesting enough to attract new players. With its very simple concept, Lemmings is great as it’s the perfect casual game, which already makes it highly approachable. This, combined with the fact that the game clearly makes an effort to respect its loyal fans while also understanding the changing gaming community, makes it a fun experience for all.

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