Supermassive Plans to Use Blinking Mechanics in New PSVR2 Horror Title, The Darkish Footage: Switchback VR

Horror titles are scary enough in a typical gaming session; with the technology getting further pushed, VR will soon become the next medium for horror to tackle. It seems like it won’t be too long of a wait as developer Supermassive plans to bring some exciting yet horrifying features to their upcoming PSVR 2 horror title — The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

Detailed in the latest Edge Magazine interview with the developers, it seems like Supermassive wants to add a blinking mechanic that will react to how the game is played. From the interview, the developers discuss an area in the game where players will come across a door that writes, “Don’t Blink” inside that room is filled with blood-smeared mannequins twisted up in horror fashion. This specific mechanic will make players hold their blinks in order to survive. Similar to childhood games red light, green light, or the more notorious Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, gamers must hold their eyes open in order to get past these horrifying mannequins.

You blink, and the mannequin will move close to you. The more you blink, the closer they get creating a genuinely terrifying experience. This will result in making the players think when to blink, ready their guns, find a good corner, then manage to get themselves out of this nightmare tactfully. It seems like the power of the PSVR 2 will be immensely stronger than what we’re used to. If developers can implement a feature like this, the bounds to normalcy get thrown out the window; it will be exciting to see what else Supermassive comes up within

Check out the highlights from the Edge Magazine interview down below:

A door painted with the instruction ‘don’t blink’ opens up into a room of blood-smeared mannequins in harlequin masks, their bodies twisted into unnatural poses.

Eventually, we can’t help it anymore, and let our eyelids flutter closed.

When they open again, the mannequins have been rearranged – or have rearranged themselves.

Another blink and it happens again, except that one of them has now come to life.

As we repeat this process, we learn to use our eyes tactically, only blinking once our guns are readied.

Supermassive is a fantastic developer bringing some already iconic games to life. They have become a staple in the gaming community, and more precisely in the horror genre. Games like Until Dawn, The Quarry, and the Dark Pictures anthology are all great examples of their work. They manage to bring likable but cliche characters to life and throw them into an exciting and terrifying story. If you have yet to give one of their games a go, you wouldn’t;t be disappointed; unless you hate horror.

PSVR 2 is scheduled to release in February 2023, and plenty of great games have already been announced for the device. Do you plan on picking up the new VR headset when it releases? Let us know in the comments below!


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