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Kevin Smith and Darkish Horse’s Sci-Fi Crime Sequence Sparks Surprising Romance

CBR presents an exclusive preview of Maskerade #4, which on sale Jan. 11, 2023 from Kevin Smith’s Dark Horse Comics imprint, Secret Stash Press.

The upcoming fourth issue of Dark Horse Comics’ Maskerade nudges two key characters closer together, seemingly setting the stage for an unlikely romance.

At this time, CBR can reveal an exclusive preview for Maskerade #4, which is slated to hit comic shops on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2023. The title is published under filmmaker Kevin Smith‘s Secret Stash Press imprint. It is written by Smith alongside Andy McElfresh, illustrated by John Sprengelmeyer, colored by Giulia Brusco and lettered by Andrew Thomas. The preview shows celebrity and secret vigilante Felicia encountering her producer, Dwayne, while on a hike, with the two realizing they have more in common than they thought. Felicia then proceeds to ask “Duh-Wayne” out on a dinner date.

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Dark Horse’s official synopsis for Maskerade #4 reads as follows: “We hit the midway point of the dynamic debut series from Secret Stash Press as Maskerade gets close to crossing another name off her list, and Felicia gets even closer to her new producer Dwayne. Meanwhile, Dr. David Ditt’s bastardized Masker knockoff makes monsters of Trenchen’s old elites!”

Kevin Smith’s Maskerade Is a Tale of Vengeance

Maskerade launched from Dark Horse and Secret Stash Press this past September. The comic book miniseries centers on Felicia Dance, a “provocative social media star and shock TV sensation” who “has one of the most recognizable faces in the world.” It is because of this notion that Felicia “can’t capture and kill the butchers who murdered her little brother and experimented on Felicia like a lab rat when she was a child. Not unless she looks like someone else.”

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Maskerade #1 jumps from a story of a hapless woman falling to her death to another woman exacting retribution on those who wronged her, taking the audience on a ride from crime drama to a tale of vengeance,” CBR’s own Sayantan Gayen wrote in his official review for the series’ first issue. “Kevin Smith shows that the city is just as hideous on its highest floor as it is at its lowest. Within each floor hides a story of lust, violence, and depravity. Using his masked protagonist, Smith tries to unmask the truth as he still keeps the narratives distanced from each other. As Maskerade #1 ends, it asks more questions than answers, in a way, turning the suspense into a thrill.”

Written by Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh, illustrated by John Sprengelmeyer, colored by Giulia Brusco and lettered by Andrew Thomas, Maskerade #4 goes on sale Jan. 11, 2023 from Dark Horse Comics.

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