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Individuals are simply noticing life-changing Sky TV distant trick you should be taught now

MASTERING your Sky TV remote is key to become a telly-watching pro.

There are loads of hidden tricks you might have missed – and one is particularly handy.


A handy trick lets you switch between channels very quickly without returning to the main TV guideCredit: Sky

One of the best tricks lets you instantly return to a channel that you were just watching.

We’ve all been there: you start watching a new channel and then instantly regret it.

Or maybe you just needed to switch to a channel for a very short period of time.

That might be the case if you’re quickly swapping between channels.

Whatever the case, your Sky Q remote has a simple shortcut to solve your problem.

Simply swipe right on the touchpad remote.

That will bring up a screen at the bottom, allowing you to select your previous channel.

It means you can quickly flick between two channels with minimal fuss.

Of course, there are plenty of other Sky TV remote tricks you might want to learn.

Skim through the guide

If you’ve ever used the Sky TV guide, it can sometimes feel like a pain to find exactly what you want.

Thankfully there are a few remote control tricks that let you skip around quickly.

If you hit the Fast Forward button on a Sky Q remote, this will let you skip forward 24 hours on the guide.

That means you can easily see what’s going on tomorrow (and beyond) in seconds.

Similarly, if you hit Rewind then you’ll be transported back 24 hours.

If you get deep into the guide and what to return to what’s on right now, just hit the Play button.

This could shave minutes off your daily browsing, if you remember to use the shortcuts.

Hiding in plain sight

And here’s one more trick.

Your Sky TV remote has a secret button that you probably didn’t know about.

It serves a very helpful purpose: bringing up your recorded TV shows and movies.

It saves you trawling through your box’s various menus to find the content you’ve saved for later.

We’re talking about the Sky logo – yes, it’s a button!

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Press it to bring up your recordings, which is anything that you have chosen to download and save for later.

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