Rediscovering the L.A. Occasions’ investigative reporting from 2022

Investigative journalism requires a commitment to asking tough questions of powerful people. It requires a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and question our own assumptions. Most of all, it requires time and a zeal to get at the truth.

This past year, journalists at the Los Angeles Times dug deep to uncover stories no one else was telling. They exposed a myriad of problems with California’s approach to cannabis legalization, including exploitation and deaths of farmworkers, corruption, the state’s failure to erase past weed-related convictions and an explosion in unlicensed grows and illicit dispensaries.

They revealed allegations of misconduct among some of Hollywood’s most powerful players. They told the stories of victims of sexual harassment and other misconduct in California’s State University system. They showed glaring failures by the State Bar to stop misconduct. They exposed official cover ups and government failures.

Below is just a small sample of the investigative reporting we published in 2022.

All of these stories took time, tenacity, talent and the teamwork of reporters, photographers, designers, editors and those who produce videos, podcasts, social media and other content. We can’t do it without your help. Please support our work by subscribing today.

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