Django Jones and the Thriller Males Embody Basic Rock on Their New Single | Gigwise

“Ahh yeah baby” is screamed over feedback before a very Guns n Roses inspired riff and lick pierce through your speakers. If you need perking up this Friday morning but are trying to ease off the caffeine then look no further than ‘Django Jones and the Mystery Men’ and their new single ‘Bad For You’.

This post punk band from up in Sheffield have only recently burst onto the live scene and are already turning heads with a sound that gives off the heir of classic rock getting trapped in a coke can, been shuck up, thrown in a time machine and then opened again in 2022. It wears its influences on its sleeve whilst still remaining completely individual and fresh. It’s a must listen towards the back end of 2022 as it promises potential in a band with a bright future.

Though it’s only 2 minutes long you don’t find yourself at the end of the track feeling like more could be done. Django Jones and the Mystery Men clearly know they wanted this tune to be a punch of energy that left an impact, and they’ve certainly managed to do that with their debut single.

Django Jones and the Mystery Men new single ‘Bad For You’ is available to stream now


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