Ayushmann Khurrana says social media takes away ‘the thriller round a star’, however it works for him as he’s a ‘relatable man’

Ayushmann Khurrana is promoting his upcoming film, An Action Hero, scheduled to release on December 2. In the film, Ayushmann plays the role of a movie star caught in an action film plot in real life. In a recent interview, he opened up about how social media can take away some of the charm and mystery surrounding an actor, and shared how he’s managed to stay relevant because he’s a “relatable guy”.

“The mystery around a star will definitely go away if you are on a social media platform but it works for me. Because I am a relatable guy. I started as a radio presenter, theatre actor, television anchor. I have always been close to the grass root level to the lowest common denominator. So, it really works for me if I show a certain personality of mine on social media,” Ayushmann told Pinkvilla in an interview.

Ayushmann then opened up about how he’s used his “relatable guy” appeal to build a career around it. He said, “Because I am that guy who built the career around that relatable guy, as a guy next door. And of course, I am breaking away from the genre after 10 years but that change my core. So, I have to be approachable because that’s me.”

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Ayushmann’s last few films — Chandigarh Kare Aashuiqui and Doctor G — stuck to the ‘relatable’ mold, but did not work at the box-office. He is now hoping to reset his career with An Action Hero, which, according to him, is a “disruptive genre-breaker”, and he’s excited for it because it’s a change of pace for him after a decade of playing similar characters.

“As an artist, you should be ready to do anything. Of course, you have to choose the medium correctly but I can be actor on TV, OTT, or cinema. So, that doesn’t really matter. As an actor, I just need to explore different sides of mine, the rest depends on the consumer, the public how much love that product but I will keep on pushing my boundaries irrespective of success or failure,” he said.

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