China surprises with thriller of sheep strolling in circles for greater than ten days – The Yucatan Instances

A mystery has gone viral in China where images are circulating of a group of sheep that have been walking continuously in circles for more than ten days.

The unusual event occurred in Baotou Inner Mongolia in northern China where the version is that it all started last November 4.

The veracity of the mysterious event has been confirmed by videos captured by a security camera located in the corral and showing the strange behavior of dozens of sheep.

China mystery goes viral on social networks

It has been this video that has gone viral not only in social networks in China but worldwide as it shows the continuous behavior of the sheep which walk in circles day and night.

The People’s Daily China assured that the sheep have been declared in good health so the mystery of their behavior is not due to any disease or disorder.

So far no one has been able to decipher the reason for their behavior, although it could be imitation, since the sheep that see their companions join the circle.

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