Picture of Upcoming Fairy Story Horror Sport ‘Bye Candy Caroline’ Pays Tribute to ‘Clock Tower’

With all of the remakes going on at the moment, why not bring back the original Clock Tower and give it a modern makeover? While that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon, we’re getting the next best thing with a tribute game in Little Sewing Machine’s upcoming fairy tale horror title, Bye Sweet Caroline .

Chris Darril, creator and director of Remothered series (now head of Little Sewing Machine) shared an image of a prototype from the upcoming game on Twitter (which you can see below). The image in question pays tribute to the original Clock Tower, with the game’s protagonist being confronted by a Scissorman lookalike. Bye Sweet Caroline appear to be using a hand-drawn art style.

And in case you were wondering if this is all coincidental, the copyright information on the bottom of the image does have Clock Tower in it, with Sunsoft being the owners. Darril also showed a screen from the original 1995 game, as well as a cropped comparison image of the art comparing the scene.

Looking at Little Sewing Machine’s Twitter page, you can see rough in-progress animations that do show off similar hiding mechanics in Bye Sweet Caroline that are similar to Clock Tower. Furthermore, earlier posts detail Bye Sweet Caroline as a “tribute to Disney, Clock Tower and oldschool aventure [sic] games“. Another post indicates that the game is being developed for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Hopefully Little Sewing Machine reveals more info regarding the game in the near future.

Thanks to CJ Melendez for the heads up!

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