Nikol Pashinyan is questioned as witness

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian was questioned by the Investigative Committee as a witness.

In response to an inquiry by Radio Liberty, the investigative body reported that since May 4, 2022, the preliminary investigation into the criminal case opened over the alleged crime of abuse of office by a group of high-ranking Armenian officials during the 44-day war continues at the Department for Investigation of Especially Important Cases of the Main Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee. The response from the head of the department, Rafael Vardanyan, notes that Prime Minister Pashinyan was questioned as a witness in these proceedings.

Relatives of the deceased servicemen, who held various protests in front of the Government and the Prosecutor General’s Office over the months since April, demanded to question Pashinyan. They demanded to interrogate Pashinyan and bring him to trial.

On those days, then Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan met with the relatives of the victims in front of the Prosecutor’s Office. Having studied the victims’ relatives’ statement, he decided to bring them as victims and instructed the head of the Investigative Committee Argishti Karamyan to interrogate Prime Minister Pashinyan.

When exactly Pashinyan was interrogated, the structure headed by Karamyan does not specify, nor does it indicate whether this could be followed by another demand of the relatives of the dead servicemen – to charge Pashinyan with war crimes.

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