10 Horror Films Redditors Suppose Get Too A lot Hate

There have been several fall 2022 horror films that have impressed critics and gotten mostly positive reviews, from Barbarian to Smile. Over the past few decades, there have been many releases that critics and audiences have found fault with, from questions about plot decisions to endings that are polarizing. But sometimes, even when negative reviews come in and people aren’t impressed, some horror fans can pick out films that they have still enjoyed.

Redditors are sharing the horror movies that others have disliked that they have still found to be entertaining. In some cases, these movies are corny but still make for a good viewing experience, and in others, fans celebrate some positive qualities.


Evil Dead (2013)

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A new Evil Dead film is one of the most exciting horror 2023 releases, but fans didn’t overwhelmingly love the 2013 remake. Redditor toofarbyfar wrote that this movie was “hated by a lot of people who (understandably) hate the idea of remaking Evil Dead and so refuse to see it, but is pretty well liked by people who have actually seen it.”

This is a compelling point as sometimes, it can be hard not to be protective of an original film that has meant a lot to so many people. The remake does maintain the eerie cabin setting and overall frightening tone of the first one.

The Thing (2011)

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The characters in the research station in The Thing (2011) prequel

While the original The Thing movie from 1982 is beloved, fans don’t feel the same way about the prequel, which was released in 2011. Redditor JustBoredIsAll posted, “Its a good movie that gets hated on because of the change from practical to CGI effects.”

That’s definitely a valid point, but horror fans can still enjoy the similar story of an alien found near a research station in Antarctica. The prequel still has strong characters who are equally freaked out and determined to figure out what’s happening.

Halloween Ends (2022)

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Redditor FredHead1985 said “Halloween Ends” is a horror movie that gets too much hate and there has definitely been a lot of discussion around the changes made to the final film in the trilogy directed by David Gordon Green. Most of all, audiences are unsure about the addition of Corey Cunningham.

For some, this movie feels like it’s totally different from previous entries and doesn’t feel like Halloween. For others, it’s possible to appreciate Halloween Ends on its own terms and to find joy in how different it feels as it’s telling a new story.

House Of Wax (2005)

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Four friends standing at the edge of a ditch looking at something in front of them

Redditor Afraid-Wafter18 said “House of Wax” is disliked by many horror fans and one Redditor added that having Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton play roles was “actually a meta-aware intention to lean into those ridiculous horror tropes.”

House of Wax is a forgotten horror movie from the 2000s in many ways, and there’s no denying that it’s a cheesy movie. It’s possible to have fun watching the story of friends and siblings who come across a wax museum whose owner has a sinister plan.

Old (2021)

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The characters running on the beach in Old

Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Old received negative reviews from critics and it’s fair to say that audiences didn’t enjoy it much, either. Redditor YawnGoblin likes the story and wrote, “the directing and camera work used to show or hide what was happening to everyone worked really well, and the whole premise of the movie is kind of a horrifying concept.”

While the movie might not be beloved or considered one of Shyamalan’s best, it’s possible to appreciate the overall storyline of people visiting a vacation spot and aging. The movie does, thankfully, offer an explanation for why this is going on.

The Strangers: Prey At Night (2018)

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Kinsey standing in front of a fence with a killer behind her in Strangers: Prey At Night

While the 2009 original is popular and hard to watch because it’s so chilling, The Strangers: Prey At Night has gotten the same lukewarm response as many horror sequels. Redditor Educational-Round730 likes the movie and wrote, “It doesn’t take itself too seriously, has one of the best horror scenes I’ve ever seen.”

The sequel sees Cindy and Mike and their children Kinsey and Luke staying at a trailer park when the masked killers from the original try to attack them. Kinsey can be appreciated as she functions as a final girl, able to use her bravery to work on saving herself and her brother.

Jason X (2002)

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Jason Voorhees wearing his mask in front of a woman in Jason X

Jason Voorhees changes throughout Friday the 13th, and while there is lots of praise for the first movie from 1980, not many fans will celebrate Jason X. For Redditor MKultrakeef, fans shouldn’t hate this movie so much, and they wrote, “Jason in space….that’s fire.”

It’s a hard sell to turn a famous slasher story into a science-fiction one, and general opinion of the film is low since people aren’t sure that it really works. After an attempt to put Jason in cryogenic form, he escapes, and he turns into a cyborg. Some fans love the unique turn that the franchise takes here.

Wrong Turn (2021)

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The characters hiking in Wrong Turn (2021)

The 2021 Wrong Turn is a reboot and puts a twist on the original premise: a friend group hike the Appalachian Trail and find a group there who don’t want them to leave. This time, they belong to The Foundation. Redditor genericusernameyep posted that fans dislike it “because it wasn’t the same as the previous ones.” The fan added, “But I loved it. I went in knowing it was different and kept an open mind. As a stand alone movie I think it’s really good.”

It can boring when a remake or reboot recycles the story from the first film, so it makes sense that the new Wrong Turn feels different. The addition of the cult might not appeal to everyone, but it does move the franchise in a new and compelling direction.

Halloween Kills (2021)

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Michael Myers escapes from a burning house in Halloween Kills

It has been fun to think about fan theories for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Some came true and now that the trilogy is over, there is a lot of food for thought about Michael Myers and Laurie Strode’s confrontation. The trilogy is polarizing and it makes sense that some don’t love Halloween Kills.

For some, the second movie doesn’t meet expectations for where Laurie’s character should be as she doesn’t feel as strong and tough as she once did. Redditor letthedecodebegin appreciates the movie despite other fan opinions, writing, “yes the hospital scenes made no sense, but it was fun to watch as a movie. I wasn’t bored.”

Unfriended (2015)

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The Unfriended cast talking over video chat

Unfriended can be seen as a new, cool way to approach a supernatural horror movie. For other horror fans, it’s not the best example of storytelling and would have been better if the tale wasn’t completely told on a laptop screen. Redditor CharmedSky is a fan of Unfriended and wrote, “It seemed like a unique concept at the time and it genuinely scared me.”

Even if horror fans don’t agree on whether Unfriended is one of the most exciting movies released in the past decade or so, the story is fast-paced and showcases the cracks in a friend group that get worse when secrets come out.

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