A Brutal Sluggish-Burning Horror Converts Streaming Customers to Its Sinister Cult

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International horror movies tend to focus a great deal more on character and atmosphere than their Hollywood counterparts, many of which are a little too keen to throw in jump scares and jarring orchestral cues in order to get the job done. It may not be perfect, but Argentina’s On the 3rd Day has still proven itself capable of tearing chunks out of the streaming charts.

As per FlixPatrol, the under-the-radar chiller has become one of the most popular titles on the HBO Max global charts after grabbing hold of a Top 10 spot in 11 countries. It may not be the subject of universal acclaim, but those who prefer their terror to burn a touch on the slower side may find plenty to love.

via Shudder

Mariana Anghileri’s Cecilia and her son are on a trip that culminates in a car accident. Suddenly, though, it’s three days later and she’s discovered wandering by herself in isolation, with no idea what happened in between. Looking for her absent child, she ends up being drawn into a wide-ranging conspiracy that involves the local authorities, ritualistic hunting, perhaps even with a demonic cult placed right at the center.

Diving too deep into specifics constitutes heavy spoilers, but suffice to say, On the 3rd Day‘s final act has proven to be a polarizing one. Not that it’s put HBO Max subscribers off in the slightest, to be fair, but you can throw pretty much any horror title onto any streamer and it’s guaranteed to enjoy at least a hot minute in the spotlight.

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