Union Ridge college students resolve ‘Principals’ Guide of Secrets and techniques’ thriller

RIDGEFIELD — Students at Union Ridge Elementary helped solve an unusual mystery last month. Principal Angie Gaub kicked things off with a message to the entire school: she needed help to learn the identity of someone with the initials A.L. The previous night, A.L. had left an old book, “The Principals’ Book of Secrets,” in Gaub’s office. The Ridgefield School District students were excited to take up the case and help her find the culprit.

Gaub reported “The Principals’ Book of Secrets” was filled with curious facts for principals’ eyes only, like “Where do permanent school records really end up?” and “Is Area 51 actually a secret school for superheroes?” Oddly, the book also held a handwritten note from a pirate, Skinflint McIntosh. The note said that treasure of incalculable value was hidden somewhere in the school, guarded by puzzles and traps since 2013. By following the clues and solving the puzzles, students could prove themselves worthy of the pirate’s treasure.

As each puzzle was solved, winning classes received prizes including a popcorn party and extra time at recess. Excitement was high, and students couldn’t wait to solve the final puzzle. By the end of the week, they learned that A.L. stood for Abraham Lincoln—or did it? How could Abraham Lincoln have put a book in the principal’s office? Only the students at Union Ridge know the real answer — and they’re not telling. After solving an exciting mystery together, they are ready for whatever adventure comes next.

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