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Nakatindi Chalansi Launches Sport-Altering Company and Mission Administration E-book

The book is entitled Process Mapping: How to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Profitability in a Post-COVID World.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 10, 2022 / — Nakatindi Chalansi is pleased to announce the launch of her game-changing book for corporate and project management development, Process Mapping: How to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Profitability in a Post-COVID World.

Nakatindi is the CEO and Founder of NakatindiChalansi.Com, an academy that provides results-driven and customisable business cases for project management, business processes, and requirements for analysis and business readiness instant downloadable templates, courses, coaching, and consulting for executing successful projects. These artefacts are for beginners, intermediate, or advanced levels and boast proven success results to help professionals easily complete the templates quickly with peace of mind, clarity, and confidence.

In her most recent news, Nakatindi has released her latest and most anticipated book to date, Process Mapping: How to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Profitability in a Post-COVID World. The book is designed to transform readers’ entire perspective about process mapping and learning to understand the critical role that business processes make in shaping corporate strategy, project delivery success, how they contribute to profitability and sustaining high performance in organisations.

“Any company can execute successful projects or programmes if they use the right tools and apply results driven process frameworks,” Nakatindi says. “Process management frameworks are the backbone of every high performing organisation and an economic catalyst for business change designed to improving your customer journeys, customer experience, profitability, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage.”

“This is an easy-to-read book with strategic emphasis for CEOs, directors, managers, programme managers, project managers, business consultants, business analysts, data scientists, data engineers, developers, testers, and everyone across your organisation working in IT, business transformation business change and operations,” she continues. “The process books, courses, templates, and guides are for projects that are failing or facing major problems in need of quick, administered turn around – or simply projects that require best practice at initiation phase of any phase to be set up for successful management until completion.”

Process Mapping is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Walmart, Waterstones, and other major retailers.

For more information about Nakatindi Chalansi, please visit https://www.NakatindiChalansi.Com or on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.


NakatindiChalansi.Com is a business transformation academy providing resources for project management, business analysis and business readiness activities in the form of books, courses, instant downloadable templates, coaching and consulting services.

The academy was founded by Nakatinki Chalansi, a graduate of Strathclyde Business School. Ever since she was a child, she had always enjoyed reading books on business transformation topics which has helped widen her horizons regarding her commercial expertise. These books played a pivotal role in introducing Nakatindi to strategic transformation skills and, as such, the project management, business analysis and business readiness tool kit came about because she discovered solutions to the critical problems that most organisations are facing POST the COVID 19 pandemic. Her goal is to help organisations reach their utmost potential with simplified methods, empowering them to make informed business decisions about their current and future landscape.

Driven by a passion for encountering real-life corporate problems, Nakatindi aspires to offer modern tools such as templates, courses, and guides to business professionals. The goal is to implement business strategies for successful project and programme execution.

Nakatindi Chalansi

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