Andor Season 2 Drew Inspiration From a Thriller Summer time Movie

Andor looking around a corner.

What movie is he talking about, Cassian?
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Three weeks still remain in Andor season one but the creation of season two is well underway. Showrunner Tony Gilroy and his team are hard at work getting ready to film the show’s final 12 episodes—and in a new interview, the man behind Rogue One and Michael Clayton offered up a very tantalizing tease.

Speaking to Script Magazine, Gilroy revealed that a recent Hollywood film—and, more specifically, that film’s trailer—inspired him and his team in prep for Andor season two. “We’re doing something in season two that we’re prepping that’s very complicated,” Gilroy said. “And there’s a movie that just came out over the summer, in fact, it came out as a trailer and then… And everybody on this thing was like buzzing like, ‘Oh my God, look at that, look how they did this thing,’ and it’s like… it goes like a virus to the stunt department, and the visual effects department is like, ‘Hey man, how do they do this?’ And then ‘God, did you see it?’ And it’s a pass-around thing.”

Gilroy wasn’t asked what film he was talking about but the first one that came to mind was Michael Bay’s Ambulance. Bay used high-speed drone shots flying through cities in ways that few, if any, other major films have done. Another possibility is Top Gun: Maverick and the way that film shoots actors flying in the air. We aren’t sure but odds are he’s not talking about something that’s a straight visual effect. That’s not Andor’s style.

That’s just our guess though. We’d love to hear what you think below. Also, if you want more Andor, we highly recommend checking out the full Gilroy interview over on Script. He dives deep into the show’s production, writing, and so much more. It’s a fascinating interview and a great read.

Episode 10 of Andor airs this week and wraps up the latest mini-arc of season one. Two more episodes will then bring the season to a conclusion and the wait for the 12-episode second (and final) season will begin; it will probably arrive in late 2023 or early 2024.

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