Friday the thirteenth’s Prequel Can Clarify Jason Voorhees’ Survival Thriller

It’s been some years since the Friday the 13th franchise had an entry in its long-running series. In that time, other slashers like Michael Myers have had a rebirth and completed a trilogy, while other, lesser-known villains have had a chance in the spotlight again, like Candyman. However, in all of that time, Jason Voorhees has sunken lower into Crystal Lake, and the odds of his big return have felt less and less likely.

Thankfully, his return is coming sooner than expected but in an unexpected way. There’s been a new Camp Crystal Lake prequel series announced that plans to explore the history of the area leading up to the rise of Jason. But even though the essence of Camp Crystal Lake lives on, there are many facets the show could explore, including an aspect of its history that could also work as a film. That said, that particular aspect of the camp’s history would tie directly to the mystery of Jason Voorhees’ return and how he survived all those years.

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Friday the 13th Could Explore Jason Voorhees’ Growth Between Films

At the end of Friday the 13th, Jason’s return was teased when his corpse rose from the depth of the lake. While the moment was simply a nightmare, it helped set a precedent that Jason would, in fact, return sometime in the future. That came in Friday the 13th: Part 2, where Jason took on the role of main slasher in the franchise, even predating his iconic hockey mask. But his appearance left major questions that a prequel could further explore.

For starters, Jason was a feeble boy when he “died,” who would’ve struggled to survive the rigors of forest life. As a result, he likely had to endure some intense mental condition to get as cold as possible to live. This would’ve implied him having to kill animals, make shelter and protect his home. But these survival instincts could’ve also twisted him further as he began to see people as nothing more than threats to his area and, thus, threats to his home. As an animalistic predator, a prequel could explore how he changed over the years and how the death of his mother gave him renewed purpose.

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How Exploring Jason Voorhees’ History Can Reanimate the Franchise

The Friday the 13th franchise has lacked a direction in terms of where to take Jason, as his path of carnage has, for the most part, run its course. But by releasing a story where his survival is the primary focus, it could allow the story to have a much more layered narrative that offers a new look at Jason. While he wouldn’t be absolved of his crimes, seeing his difficult childhood and his acts of survival could give him a sympathetic edge, separating him from other famous slashers.

Jason Voorhees may be a slasher of few words, but his story may also be the most compelling. Jason’s mysterious childhood may have been largely unexplored, but it was clear that it was anything but easy. Furthermore, seeing how that pent-up aggression likely fueled his survival until his big return would help show how some of these slashers weren’t born evil but instead became who they were because of their environment. In the end, a prequel focusing on Jason’s growth would be an amazing way to bring Jason back as something more than a silent killer.

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