‘Doom At Your Service’ star Search engine optimisation In Guk to steer a thriller thriller historic drama? Discover Out

Seo In Guk’s new drama:

On November 3rd, Seo In Guk received an offer to appear in the martial arts historical drama ‘Handwriting’ and is positively reviewing it. Based on the novel of the same name, ‘Handwriting’ is a mystery action drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. This is a new work from Raemon Lane, the production company that hit the jackpot with Watcha’s original ‘Semantic Error’ this year.

His character in the drama: 

Seo In Guk was offered the role of Kwon Sooyoung, the main character in the drama. The story unfolds as Kwon Sooyoung, who she thought was dead, returns and gets caught up in a vortex of power. In particular, ‘Handwriting’ is about a protagonist who has lost his memory to find his identity, and is expected to be a historical version of the movie ‘Bourne Identity’. Expectations are rising whether Seo In Guk will be able to create another life character by exuding a charm like Matt Damon

Project Wolf Hunting

He is also acting in the thriller film ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ which is a survival action movie that depicts the process of a brutal rebellion begins in a huge moving prison on the sea that transports heinous criminals from the Pacific to Korea, and an extreme survival game that has never been seen before. Other actors like Jang Dong Yoon, Choi Gwi Hwa, Sung Dong Il, Park Ho San, Jung So Min, Ko Chang Seok, Jang Young Nam, and more completed the intense acting challenge, creating characters with extreme personalities, leading to explosive reviews. 

Seo In Guk: 

Seo In Guk is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. He launched his singing career after winning the talent reality show Superstar K in 2009, and made his acting breakthrough in Reply 1997 (2012). Since then, he has starred in television series Master’s Sun (2013), High School King of Savvy (2014), Hello Monster (2015), Squad 38 (2016), Shopping King Louie (2016), The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018), Doom At Your Service (2021), and Café Minamdang (2022).

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