An Journey-Prepared Morgan Tremendous 3

Earlier this year, British boutique automaker Morgan debuted its first all-new vehicle in a decade. The Morgan Super 3 is an entirely impractical three-wheeler designed for driving enjoyment rather than trips to the grocery store. That is unless you like wearing goggles to Kroger and only buying lunch.

Roof, windshield, doors. Nope, nope and nope. The tiny torpedo-shaped car has seating for two passengers who are small and limber enough to clamber aboard.

To support September’s 1500-mile European Great Malle Mountain Rally, the company partnered with British luggage maker Malle London to create a fully adventure-ready version of the car. The car served as a support vehicle for the motorcycle rally, which traveled from Innsbruck, Austria, to Monaco.

The company started with one of the first production models of the Super 3, painted in black with a white engine cowl and amber fly screens (windscreens). They added an LED searchlight to one side, a CB radio for communications and (of course) a flagpole mount on one of the roll hoops. Additional points for mounting point-of-view cameras (such as Go Pros) are provided.

Morgan Super 3 Photo Gallery

While the Super 3 has a rear trunk for small items, most luggage is carried using its “sideblades” or side-mounted luggage racks. Malle worked with Morgan to create bespoke motorcycle-style panniers that fit the panels.

Looking like it’s being towed by the massive 20-inch front wheels, the Morgan Super 3 is actually propelled by its single rear wheel. Power is supplied by a Ford-sourced three-cylinder engine, making 118 horsepower and 110 pound-feet of torque. The five-speed manual transmission is a transplant from Mazda. Given that speed is a relative thing in a lightweight, three-wheeled roadster, you’ll likely find the car’s 7-second sprint from zero to 62 mph as terrifying as necessary.

Unlike wood-framed Morgans of the past, the new car employs a modern aluminum monocoque structure.

In other nods to the current century, the Super 3’s ash dash is fitted with a pair of digital instruments rather than traditional analog gauges. It offers a minimalistic navigation system, with a steering wheel-mounted arrow display rather than a gaudy and all-too-modern infotainment screen.

Though the Morgan X Malle London is a one-off model, the Super 3’s options list is long. You’ll have no problem creating a unique roadster of your own. Morgan Super 3 prices start at $54,000, plus the price of a pair of quality goggles.

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