‘American Horror Story’ returns with a plotline primarily based in NYC

Content Warning: This article discusses graphic imagery and content seen in “American Horror Story: NYC.”

Ryan Murphy seems to be on some kind of kick lately. After releasing “Dahmer” and “The Watcher,” both of which broke records for the number of hours watched on Netflix, Murphy returns yet again with “American Horror Story: NYC.” With the 11th season in the greater “American Horror Story” anthology, Murphy seems to be leaning a little more toward creepy and a little less toward horror.

“AHS: NYC” was the only season in “American Horror Story” released without a trailer. Instead, fans received several teasers and character posters, which informed us that we’d be seeing some regulars return to our screens, such as Zachary Quinto (“Star Trek”), Billie Lourd (“Scream Queens”), Denis O’Hare (“Infinite Storm”), Leslie Grossman (“Studio 666”), Patti LuPone (“Hollywood”) and Isaac Powell (“Dear Evan Hansen”). The show didn’t even give us the iconic title sequence until the second episode, which raises the question: Have fans lost faith in the “AHS” cult?

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