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Why the Anime-Authentic Sequence Failed

Sci-fi anime series have been some of the most highly regarded among fans for many years. With a large diversity of subgenres that can be melded into it, there are plenty of opportunities for an anime to capture the science fiction feel. Space has been a popular theme among the sci-fi category, notorious examples including Space Brothers, Space Patrol Luluco, and of course the classic Cowboy Bebop.

However, not all sci-fi or space-themed anime are well-known, and some are even doomed to flop. This is due to being in poor taste, simply flying under the radar, or both. This is especially the case with the Fall 2013 original anime, Galilei Donna.

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The Sci-Fi Anime Galilei Donna Had an Exciting Premise

Set in futuristic Italy in the year 2061, Galilei Donna focuses on the three Ferrari sisters: the youngest being the science-driven yet skittish Hozuki, the cool and strong Kazuki, the second eldest, and the outspoken Hazuki, the eldest. As suggested by the title, the Ferrari sisters are descendants of Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer known for being the first to use the telescope to document the findings of outer space. His work also supported the theory of heliocentrism, the idea that the sun is in the center of the solar system and the planets revolve around it.

Due to their distinct personalities, however, Hozuki, Kazuki and Hazuki struggle to get along and never seem to agree on anything. But when they are unexpectedly accused of committing terrorism and attacked by an organization seeking an ancient treasure found by their ancestor, the Ferrari sisters are forced to put their differences aside and must find a way to claim Galileo’s treasure first.

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Galilei Donna’s Episode Cut Damaged Its Reputation

While Galilei Donna did provide an exciting plot about three sisters learning to see eye-to-eye with each other while going on an adventure to locate a rare treasure, viewers were anything but amazed — despite the fact that it was produced by a studio known for its much-loved work such as Fairy Tail and Black Butler. The series was originally meant to have 22 episodes, but its run was cut in half for reasons unknown.

With less time to add in and build up the important plot points and elements, Galilei Donna went from a promising, eye-catching dramatic adventure anime to a mediocre story about three cute girls going on a quest that would only be somewhat fun to watch. Although the Ferrari sisters’ inability to get along did at least provide a great degree of tension throughout the series given their situation, that alone was unable to save the anime’s reputation.

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Hozuki’s Questionable Arc Made Her Less Likable

Even though Hozuki was a descendant of Galileo, she was often flighty and clumsy throughout Galilei Donna. While this did provide a great balance in giving her room to build her character up, her excessive skills with science and building machines took that away. This simple contradiction caused viewers to see her as overpowered.

However, Hozuki’s character — as well as the anime itself — took an even harder plummet when she went back in time to meet Galileo. The two of them went over the seven Galilei sketches together, which turned out to contain love poems. On top of that, Hozuki fell in love with Galileo with him returning her feelings, much to the chagrin of fans. This controversial plot point caused Galilei Donna to be viewed in a negative light in the anime community, possibly contributing to its obscurity.

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