Creepy Textual content Journey [I] DOESN’T EXIST Set For Full Launch By DreadXP — GameTyrant

In its recent announcement, Dread XP has shed light on two new upcoming titles to delight and disturb. One of these was Amanda the Adventurer, and the second is trippy text-driven adventure [I] doesn’t exist, developed by LUAL Games.

The developers were able to run a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the title earlier in the year, with a provided demo of the game’s first act being well received.

[I] doesn’t exist is a modern take on the text adventure games of old, using modern advances to improve the whole experience. The “Natural Language Processing” technology used in the game will allow it to recognise a variety of different ways of phrasing input. This means a player doesn’t have to stress working out what exact command the game wants them to say. Instead, they can get down to the more important task of being frightened, as things inevitably begin to fall apart. The pretty visuals give way to a black-and-neon nightmare as it becomes clear that this is far from the average text adventure.

[I] doesn’t exist is scheduled for release on PC via Steam in 2023. It is available to wishlist now. A free demo version is available to download on the page.

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