10 Best Found-Footage Horror Movies, According To Reddit

With plenty of exciting movies and TV shows streaming this Halloween, many audiences will be on the search for fresh and original horror flicks to get them in the spooky spirit. One of the most popular horror subgenres is found footage, and there’s no shortage of frightening films in this style to send chills down your spine.

Found footage initially found popularity in the late ’90s, when horror filmmakers realized just how much potential this style held for scaring the audience. It’s one of the most immersive ways of getting the audience engaged in the story, which is exactly why so many fans love them.


Cloverfield (2008)

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Matt Reeves’ Cloverfield is one of the most beloved found footage horrors of the past few decades, bringing the subgenre into a whole new wave of popularity thanks to its inventive story and thrilling filmmaking ability. With a short runtime and a fast-paced story, it’s a perfect late-night horror that doesn’t require too much thought.

Reddit user loudflower believes Cloverfield is a “super fun movie” with plenty of “thrills and scares” to keep the viewer on edge. Anybody looking to familiarize themselves with found footage movies should definitely have Cloverfield in their watchlist, as the genre wouldn’t be the same without it.

Grave Encounters (2011)

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Grave Encounters makes the most of two of the most popular horror subgenres by blending its chilling supernatural story with an exciting found footage format that infinitely elevates the film’s fear factor. It might not be the most critically-acclaimed horror ever made, but its dedication to style makes it a fan-favorite.

Reddit user beginning_yam3112 calls Grave Encounters “a great movie” that really helped them “fill the paranormal itch.” It’s filled with terrifying scenes and shocking jumpscares – but somehow manages to prioritize its fascinating story above all else.

Hell House LLC (2015)

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Everybody knows that a film is made infinitely scarier when it’s based on a true story, and this haunting mockumentary manages to capitalize on that fact by presenting itself as a real-life documentary filled with supernatural thrills and shocks.

Redditor aerodeck believes that Hell House LLC “did a great job making everything feel authentic,” which is one of the most important factors when it comes to mockumentaries. Many people even cite Hell House LLC as the most underrated horror movie of the past few years, with its haunting story remaining scary today.

As Above, So Below (2014)

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As Above, So Below tells the story of an expedition team that begins to encounter supernatural threats as they descend into the catacombs of Paris. Toying with concepts of demons, claustrophobia and the afterlife, it’s one of the scariest movies in the genre.

Reddit user puzzled-eggplant-251 fells that As Above, So Below is “well-rounded as a horror film,” balancing the perfect levels of horror and apprehension with its exciting story. It’s completely original and overwhelmingly creative, which is exactly what horror movies should be.

Devil’s Pass (2015)

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Originally titled The Dyatlov Pass Incident, this film has quickly gathered a cult following because of its technical prowess and inventive subversion of horror tropes. The story follows a group of five American students as they investigate the mysterious deaths of nine skiers at the Dyatlov Pass.

Redditor bribase argues that the film’s strongest asset is its ability to “tie all of the mythologies, discrepancies and conspiracies surrounding it together into a neat little (mostly) coherent package.” Devil’s Pass is an extremely claustrophobic experience, with the lives of its protagonists constantly hanging in the balance.

Afflicted (2013)

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Not only is Afflicted a fantastic horror movie, but it also features a thrilling mystery that keeps the audience in the dark for the entire runtime. The story chronicles two friends’ journey through Paris, where one is discovered injured in his hotel room, gradually beginning to develop unusual symptoms.

Reddit user morganfreenomorph believes that Affliction “doesn’t get enough attention” for its frightening imagery and mysterious narrative. It’s much more than a simple horror, and its use of the found footage style makes it infinitely more engrossing.

Spree (2020)

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Joe Keery’s deranged influencer Kurt Kunkle is the real reason that Spree works as well as it does, with the actor completely disappearing into the role and bringing this exhilarating film to life. It’s a modern take on the found footage genre, making several adaptations that work to its advantage.

Reddit user esslesmcgee praises Spree‘s “newer take” on the style, agreeing that “Joe Keery absolutely rocks” in the lead performance. Spree is one of the best modern horror movies to tackle issues of the internet, stardom, and celebrity status.

The Tunnel (2011)

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The Tunnel tells the story of an Australian film crew who soon discover that the rumors of a government cover-up surrounding the abandoned train tunnels underneath Sydney is probably best left alone. It’s a slow-burn, but once it really gets going, it doesn’t let the audience breathe for a second.

Reddit user infinityking1 calls The Tunnel “fantastic,” with many other fans praising the film’s creative story and thrilling filmmaking. The film also draws inspiration from the ‘creature feature’ genre, blending it effectively with everything you’d expect from this kind of horror.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Many people consider The Blair Witch Project to be the best found footage horror movie ever made, and it’s undoubtedly the most foundational to the development of the genre. Almost every movie that followed in the subgenre owes its existence to The Blair Witch Project, which popularized the style in the mainstream.

Reddit user nick_the_joker_man cites The Blair Witch Project as the movie that “got me into filmmaking in the first place,” as it proves that you don’t need a big budget or a superstar cast to make a thrilling movie with a timeless legacy.

REC (2007)

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The found footage genre saw a huge increase in popularity throughout the 2000s, and REC was one of the biggest movies responsible for this mainstream success. It follows a late-night news team called out to report on a nearby incident with dangerous consequences.

Reddit user shotsfired20755 calls REC “the best found footage film” they’ve watched, claiming that anybody with any interest in the genre should watch the movie immediately. It’s a hugely important piece of pop culture, and for good reason – very few films have made found footage this scary.

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