Portraits of rage, racism and horror at FilmColumbia | Columbia County

CHATHAM — The films that director George Romero has made since 1968’s breakthrough “Night of the Living Dead” have been exemplary blends of horror and social comment. “Dawn of the Dead 3D,” screening Saturday at Film Columbia, the followup to “Night,” sets its cannibalistic zombies loose in an abandoned shopping mall where a motley group of human survivors have taken refuge. For this reason, the movie is a sly swipe at smash-and-grab American consumerism. Few terror-flick auteurs have dared to confront and subvert the politics of ordinary life, but Romero has done so consistently.

Racism in America is another subject that this weekend’s FilmColumbia showings will tackle. In “The Inspection,” directed and written by Elegance Bratton, a young homeless Black man (Jeremy Pope) ends up in the Marine Corps, where he tries to prove himself and earn his mother’s respect, but he is victimized by a sadistic sergeant at the same time he must deal with his attraction to a superior officer. If rage is the tone here, the underlying conflict is class, both between men and women and between social strata.

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