Media Trust, CIJD strengthen partnership on investigative journalism, others

The Media Trust Group and the Centre for Journalism Investigation and Development (CJID) have met to renew and strengthen partnership as regards investigative journalism. 

The meeting, which took place at Trust Foundation within the premises of Media Trust Group headquarters in Abuja had teams representing both organisations.

The head of the CJID delegation, Dr Tobi Oluwatola, while showing solidarity with Media Trust, highlighted the achievements gained and urged sustenance, while noting the attacks faced by Media Trust and fines imposed on them.

“We all witnessed in horror and disappointment, the fines imposed on your organisation, many months after you had done a study; a documentary that nobody even thought was a problem. It became a political issue to certain people and they came after you.

“These are issues that although it is happening to Daily Trust, it’s affecting all of us, and they are issues we all must work together as a team to address, not just in the near term but in the long term, in terms of fixing the laws and the gaps in the criminal and penal codes and acts establishing various regulators that allow authorities to be able to do this with impunity and hide behind the law to suppress freedom of expression and the press,” he said.

Responding, MediaTrust’s editor-in-chief, Naziru Abubakar, thanked the team for the visit and pledged to continue to expose wrongdoings by the government.

He said, “We are happy to continue to collaborate and work with you. And we believe, as you rightly said, anything about the safety of journalists, press freedom; and anything about exposing wrongdoings or that leads to government doing something for the benefit of the society. We are in it and we will be very happy to collaborate with you.”

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